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6 Hard-to-Notice Car Problems

Thick smoke coming from under the hood, an engine fail to ignite, flatten tires— all these car problems are pretty evident and leave you no option but to get the problem fixed ASAP.

On the other hand, some issues remain under the radar and only show subtle signs or no signs at all. Such hard-to-notice car problems can prove to be quite consequential.

Not only do they bring your vehicle to a screeching halt, but those imperceptible car issues can also result in collisions and crashes.

This blog post will discuss some of the common hard-to-notice car problems that even seasoned motorists overlook in their vehicles.

1. Gradual Vehicle Fluid Leakages

Apart from gasoline, there are many fluids that run a vehicle. From brake fluid to engine coolant and windshield washing fluid to power steering fluid, a car features different liquids through a network of small pipelines and reservoirs.

These fluid networks can develop minor punctures and break with time due to regular wear and tear. Since the leaks are pretty small, the fluid loss happens very gradually and remains unnoticeable because it doesn’t affect car performance.

Car owners only come to know about those leaks when they have already precipitated into a significant auto repair task.

So how to deal with those sneaky, imperceptible leaks that only announce their presence with the hassle of a sudden car breakdown and a hefty repair/service cost?

You should adopt these measures to identify those fluid leakages as they happen.

  • Regularly check the fluid levels of your vehicle. If any of them is drastically dropped, you need to get your car inspected by an auto expert.
  • Regularly check your vehicle’s underside and observe if there is any unexplainable moisture spot there.
  • Get your vehicle inspected by an expert after being involved in any minor car accident, and even if there is no apparent damage to the car.

2. Waning Brake Performance

A vehicle must have optimally working brakes all the time. It is a prerequisite to have a safe road experience. However, it is pretty tricky to tell that brakes are not up to the mark because their deterioration happens at a slow pace. In most cases, people only wake up to their vehicle’s declining brake performance when they experience a road mishap or narrowly miss it due to inefficient braking.

Even though it is the domain of an experienced mechanic to identify and determine the degree of decline, you can also notice it as a driver by being mindful of these two things.

  • It starts taking a long distance for your vehicle to slow down to a halt
  • You may have to press the pedal with more force to generate the required deceleration

If you experience either of the issues while stopping and slowing down your car, get its brakes immediately inspected by an experienced auto mechanic. From leaked brake fluid to overheating and worn-out brake pads, braking performance can start declining due to many reasons. The wise thing is to keep your vehicle brakes inspected by an expert once in a while to pin down any underlying issue causing the decline of braking performance.

3. Faulty Sparkplug

Are you noticing a rough idling sound coming out of your car when you start it?

Is your ignition switch taking more than one attempt to turn on?

If you are nodding your head in agreement, the sparkplug of your vehicle might have completed its operating length. The good news is sparkplug replacement is not a costly affair, and you can take care of it on your own without getting any help from professionals.

Even though a misfiring sparkplug might not bring your vehicle to a standstill, it can still lead to many unwanted consequences.

  • It will make it a hassle to start the car in the morning
  • It can hit the fuel economy and potential engine power of your vehicle
  • A sparkplug that has been misfiring for a long can also damage the catalytic convertor of your vehicle

4. Wheels Falling Out of Alignment

This is another hard-to-notice car problem that many car owners only get to know about when it has done considerable damage. The process of wheels falling out of alignment is also gradual and imperceptible. The process usually sets off with the car hitting bumps and potholes on the road and picks up a pace with all such unremarkable events.

Diligent drivers with considerable experience on the wheel can tell about misaligned wheels by observing these two things.

  • The steering control is not as good as before
  • The wear on tire treads starts appearing uneven

If you notice either of these things, you should head to a wheel alignment expert with your vehicle. Persisting with misaligned wheels cause irrevocable damages to the tires and makes it difficult to take full control of the steering. In some cases, misaligned wheels also lead to fluid leakages within the vehicle.

5. Gear and Transmission Issues

Gear issues often become easy to notice through the transmission box. However, many motorists keep ignoring them because they can still drive their vehicles at the desired speed.

If you notice that the transmission has started slipping or if there are delayed and rough shifts, you need to get your vehicle checked for its gear and transmission system. Acting early on may save you from the hefty repair expenses later on.

6. Worn-Out Mats

Many car owners fail to notice what’s going on under their feet .e. the old carpets and mats on the car floor going way past their efficient use. Keep an eye on the car mats and replace them with new thick, durable car mats to ensure debris, litter, and spills don’t keep on silently damaging your vehicle’s floor.

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