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7 Tips to Winterize Your Vehicle this Weekend

Do you like to work in a hellish winter season without properly covering yourself and a heating system in place?

We all know what would be the answer of most people.

Just like we, humans, find it virtually impossible to operate in extreme cold, cars also can’t go about with their optimal performance when mercury levels hit bottom.

However, the difference is cars can’t take care of themselves. It is owners who have to ensure that their vehicles don’t get figurative frostbites and hypothermia.

As a responsible car owner, you should establish a routine to winterize your ride every year before the start of the peak winter spell. Having this routine is more important for all those living in regions that experience rainy and snowy winter weather with generally freezing temperatures.

This post will walk you through some tips and tricks that you can use to winterize your vehicle over the next weekend.

1. Wiper Blades Replacement

Heavy rain or snowfall can force you to drive your car at dead slow speed if you don’t have the right set of wiper blades cleaning off the windshield. By the right set of wiper blades, we mean durable winter-ready wipers that haven’t slowed down and started squeaking.

Since you are replacing the wiper blades for harsher colder conditions, always invest in a sturdy/strapping and efficient option instead of going for those sleek blades that are just easy on the eyes.

While you are at it, also check the wiper fluid reservoir because you may have to wipe the winter grime off the windshield time and again throughout the season. For people living in areas where temperatures often drop to subzero levels, a wiper fluid with antifreeze ingredients is a suitable option than regular tap water.

2. A Tire Care Routine

It has been estimated that tire pressure drops by one psi for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit drop in temperature. Hence, a significant temperature drop over the last couple of weeks must have reduced your vehicle’s tire pressure. Therefore, keep tabs on your vehicle’s tire pressure as the winter crescendo picks up its pace. You should get a portable tire inflator with a gauge to avoid the hassle of going to the tire shop every other day.

What about Snow Tires?

Your winterization routine should also include replacing regular tires with snow tires if your state experiences heavy snowfall throughout the season. Whether it is a rear-wheel or all-wheel drivetrain, snow tires ensure that you can drive on dangerously slippery roads while maintaining full control at the wheel.

However, don’t forget to resume to standard tires when the season ends because continuing with snow tires can hit your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

3. Have an Engine Coolant Refill

Antifreeze is not just essential during summer. A car engine also needs the circulation of antifreeze during the winter months to maintain an even temperature. Apart from protecting the engine from the damages of freezing weather, the coolant also provides a degree of lubrication to the moving parts of the engine it comes in contact with. While refilling the radiator with fresh coolant, maintain the one-is-to-one ratio with water.

4. Service the Heater

Winterization of a vehicle also means preparing its interior for freezing temperatures. Even though a car interior gets slightly cozy on its own, you will need a working heater during extreme temperatures to have a comfortable, non-freezing experience inside the car. Therefore, service the heater by flushing its core tubes that ensure an improved coolant supply.

This service/flushing enables the heater to quickly blow out warm air without you sitting on chilly seats and endlessly waiting for the vents to release toasty air.

5. Don’t Forget Oil and Battery

A vehicle has to boast great oil and battery performance to survive the onslaught of cold weather. Therefore, don’t forget to inspect the oil and battery while winterizing your vehicle this weekend. Impurities combined with freezing temperatures can take a hit on the lubricating capacity of the old oil. Therefore, even if you are ahead of your regular oil schedule, it is better to refill the engine with fresh oil before the peak winter spell begins.

Similarly, extreme temperatures can slash battery performance and efficiency. Inspect your battery and ensure that it is clean with no corrosion on the terminals and all connections secured. If your battery is already closing on its operating life, it is better to get it tested by a car electrician and replace it if it has just a couple of weeks left.

6. Put Together a Winter Toolkit

Even after all the winter servicing of your vehicle, you should pack a winter toolkit to ensure you don’t get stuck anywhere during acute weather conditions. This toolkit should include a snow brush/ice scraper, shovel, a pair of gloves, booster/ jumper cables, portable battery charger, traction mats, etc. With such a toolkit in the trunk, you can drive your vehicle in challenging road conditions with a certain peace of mind.

7. Replace Car Mats

Winter grime tracking with shoes inside the car is another nuisance you will face in the upcoming months. This grime consisting of stone salt, snow, gravel, and other litter can cause significant damage to the floor of your car if you are persisting with the worn-out stock car mats that don’t fully cover the floor anymore.

Therefore, replace car mats before getting your vehicle out of the garage into the unforgiving winter conditions. Avoid fabric-based mats and invest in thick rubber and fiber-based mats that are waterproof and can establish a formidable barrier between all the dust, dirt, snow, and the floor of your vehicle.

If you want to find a good variety of top-quality car mats under one roof, check out Lavish Essentials. We offer a range of single and double-layer custom mats for all sorts of car models and makes. You can also find quality trunk mats for your pickup trucks.

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