From where do you source your material?

Street 1968 S., and address Coast Hwy #3266 Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Where are you located?

Our departments are located in 1968 S. Coast Hwy #3266 Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA , and our godowns are in town, country.

Where are your mats shipped from?

All of Lavish Essentials official rugs are globally packaged in our Street 1968 S., and address Coast Hwy #3266 Laguna Beach, CA 92651. To be specific, we initially used to dispatch goods from our US-based godowns located in California between 2014-2018. The Godown system was reinvented to achieve more efficiency in 2019 due to increasing overall US expenditures. Enforcing this analytical configuration enabled us to diminish our employee count and functional expenses without influencing the product’s integrity in a negative sense. This, as a result, entitled us to extend our limitations to 100% free global shipping, which is just as quick.

Our physical elements for the rugs are bought directly from USA, comprising top-the-notch quality elementals distributed in enormous quantities to our Lavish Essentials godowns in BLAINE each month.

What is the discrepancy between Premium 2.0 mats and original mats?

Premium 2.0 mats have separable characteristic carpet membranes on the tip of the luxurious leather.

I have crossed paths with a few identical-looking products online at prices much lower than we offer. Are they the exact rugs?

No, beware of such scams. There are vast quantities of inexpensive, similar-looking, yet too hideous in quality. If customers like you support us by not considering them, such scamming websites will soon shut down. Know that the authenticity and originality our products serve is limited to our production only. We only can assure you of such uniqueness legitimately. If someone else is trying to imitate us online, they are in some lawful severe trouble. To check whether the product you receive is original or not, prevent the Lavish Essentials’s signature embellished on it. We produce our products with the best-in-class products available in the marketplace. Indeed, our quality is unbeatable.

Let us bring it up again. We @LavishEssentials are the official manufacturers in the global history of remarkable automobile-rugs.

What payment gateways are acceptable to us?

We happily receive payments via credit/debit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, etc.) and PayPal.

Do you charge taxes?

For sure, but this is only limited to Canadian packages. Regardless of our US-based origin and manufacturing, our company is authorized under British Columbia, Canada’s territory. Thus, we are accountable for compiling and applying proper sales-tariff on shipments to any locality inside Canada.

So, we freely ship in Canada, but are global shipment an available option?

Yes, and yes!

What fabric are the rugs made out of?

Magnificent PVC Faux leather (Super Fiber Leather). Precisely reinforced fiber technology PU imported original Italian leather. We elicit the most extraordinary aspects of the globally famous synthetic-leather, withstanding tremendous cold-resistant and empowering its anti-aging properties.

How long does the mat delivery take to arrive?

Due to a clustered list of orders, we receive, we presently offer a 30-day standard global manufacturing and shipment time. Kindly understand it before placing your order. We’ll strive our best to transmit orders as soon as we can. We’d relatively refer to more significant periods even if you receive your order earlier than promised. Shipment time is liable to alter at any moment.

Are you having concerns regarding Lavish Essentials Mats?


Do you allow any amendment after placing an order?

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We permit the cancellation and alternation of the placed order; however, this offer lasts up to 24 hours. Afterward, no amendments would be possible.

Not a perfect fit? What to do?

Accurate fitting of a car’s floor mats is essential to guard it against debris, dust, and moisture. Our Lavish Essentials car floor mats are designed in a vehicle-specific manner that easily fits any vehicle’s floorboard.

Finding it difficult? Calm down. We are always there for you. Contact us at and follow the effortless installation procedure, specified with pictures and sequence numbers.

Still, tackled? Take it easy. Our skilled workers will resolve your problem in a few minutes by guiding you or either by replacing the mats.

Can I monitor my parcel?

Eager to know where is your dispatched package. Want to track it? And how? A tracking code is sent to your given email address about a week after placing your order. Further, the tracking website link is also provided.

What serves best for fitting?

The fitting of a car’s floor mat doesn’t seem to be a dominant issue, but, is to prevent any danger while driving; you should place your mats correctly. Our Lavish Essentials mats are heavy-duty floor mats that keep themselves in place. Need to make it more secure? Scroll down to find the best option

Keeping the car’s floor mat in place is a common problem. Use a few strips of a two-sided tape or Velcro to terminate this issue, stick them to the existing carpet panels, and simply place your mat on it. Make sure to clean the bottom of your car’s cabin to stick the adhesive properly.

Another option to prevent your mats from sliding is to clip them. Floor mat clips are compatible with most cars and are made up of plastic, hence non- corrosive. Or simply follow the given directions mentioned in our blog section.

How to overcome creased floor mats?

It was delivered with wrinkled or folded car mats that are not flattening down? It is a shipment issue that happens often. Simply bend it outwards and heat it. You can use a hairdryer. Allow it to cool while holding it in the same position. You’re all good to go. Use a low heat setting while using a blow dryer; otherwise, the rubber might get damaged. Let them rest after unpacking for at least two days.

How do I install full boot liners car mats? Is it easy?

Strikingly immediate, like about 10 minutes, and no need for mechanical assemblages. If you have a full boot liner set, hold and distinguish the side divider mats against the boot zone’s condition first to imagine its circumstance. Before fixing and remaining the Velcro strips clean the area well. Once in a while, you ought not to need to use the twofold sided Velcro. The pack will hold speedy direct to your vehicle cover liner using the Velcro strip, added to your mats. If your vehicle interior is a silicone finish, use a cleaning agent like ‘Einszett Plastic/Vinyl Cleaner,’ then wash the surface down with warm water and flush with clean water. Get it dry with a towel. By then, set up the body with an alcohol-based cleaning wipe and let the surface dry out. Attempt a little space first and stick genuinely square of Velcro on a superficial level to guarantee it will hold going before zeroing in on the full present.


For vehicle tangles, essentially get out old vehicle mats. Present Lavish Essentials mats over your ideal foot well floor covering zone and use the gets annexed to the carpets. Fit your mats in to put by figuring everything out the blueprint and condition of rugs into the foot well shape and crushing them into a structure. In case your carpets have it (some don’t), you will see unimportant plastic turns, and these are to hold the mats set up. They fit in behind your vehicle trim. There may correspondingly be a couple of conditions where these plastic turns are not needed, in which case they can be pointed down behind the vehicle tangles, so they are non-clear. You can use Velcro thinking about everything. We transport you extra gets and Velcro strips for each mentioning.

These are not required or essential to use yet; instead, are proposed in areas you feel need them.

Will the mats fit my vehicle perfectly?

Suppose your vehicle is on the speedy diagram, yes. Audit a couple of things after the present. Mats will fit consummately into foot well base shapes and not generally follow the covering of plastic trims occasionally. Despite how our mats are mainly made to fit the state of the foot wells of your

How would you guarantee the ideal fit?

Our calfskin vehicle mats are uniquely crafted to arrange to utilize your vehicle producer estimations to guarantee an ideal fit using our cutting-edge innovation.

They are the primary vehicle mats to cover over 95% of your whole vehicle covers and offer a superior look to your vehicle. We utilize 3D examining strategies to get the mind-boggling precision of each car.

We utilize extraordinary PC cutting gear for the most exact of completions.

Would I be able to see instances of the mats introduced?

Indeed! We are social! Visit us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for photographs and recordings of our Lavish Essentials extravagance cowhide vehicle tangles and boot liners introduced in great many of our glad clients’ vehicles. Update each set of mats are specially crafted to every vehicle model, so the shape and inclusion of mats may somewhat change contingent upon the floor plan and seat setup. Photographs are a portrayal to show general fitting and inclusion.

How regularly would it be advisable for me to clean my vehicle mats?

We suggest that you wipe them down with a wet fabric or wipe them once per week. No extraordinary synthetic substances are expected to clean them as our mats were planned in light of simple cleaning. On the off chance that you don’t routinely clean the rugs, this will ultimately open them to being harmed.

Are there any fantastic offers?

Indeed. Join our mailing list. Buy in today and get 10% off your first request. We will email you the promotion code after joining. When you join our email list, we will keep you refreshed on any new items, special offers and news we may have, and whatever else pertinent to the Lavish Essentials brand. Likewise, similar to us and follow us on Facebook as we make uncommon declarations here too.

Would I be able to utilize more than one coupon code when I request?

Coupon codes cannot be stacked. If you don’t mind, utilize the best accessible coupon code.

Did I request two things yet just got one?

Because of the bundles’ size, we need to send the boot liners/mats isolated at times. Kindly permit some an ideal opportunity to get the subsequent bundle. If all else fails, please reach us at info@

I am a business or association hoping to discount. Do you offer wholesaling?

Indeed, we do. Snap the INFO tab and select WHOLESALE for more data or send us an email at wholesale. and we will set you up with a record.

Okay, sign me up! How would I request my Lavish Essentials mats!?

It’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3!

1. Essentially go to

2. Select style and shade of Lavish Essentials mats to begin (dark carpets have numerous shading choices for sewing)

3. Enter your vehicle subtleties, for example, vehicle model, vehicle make, year of assembling, and so forth, into the content boxes, then snap the ADD TO CART catch and keep on adhering to simple guidelines on putting request.