We understand that the online network can be quite puzzling at times to operate, but anyway, we’ve got your backs! As soon as your package is shipped, it’ll be preceded to the tracking process on the ’17-track’ webpage’s official link automatically and is on the way to your homes. When it reaches the custom-station, there are chances that we’d have to ask you to expect it to be a little delayed in revising the online-data for a few days. Kindly give it some additional duration to receive the package monitoring data to shift because of the extended delivering period and shorter desired inspections in your fed nation. Monitoring volume will be edited on the ’17th-track’ webpage as soon as tested, examined, and cleaned by exporting-duties. We ask you to keep some patience and understand that this is natural when monitoring packages online. At no cost should you think that your carpets are yet to be shipped and are still somewhere in China when you don’t find any modifications in the online tracking systems? It’s just that they are stuck at your province’s custom-duty section. Still, because of how the situation is displayed on the 17th track website, one can easily fall to believing that something’s fishy when nothing is. Your package arrives at your place’s custom-duty relatively fast. It’s the authorization and examination that might take some time. Kindly give a glance at the upper section of the 17-track monitoring webpage mailed to your account. It’ll be titled from China Post; furthermore, a pointer symbol will refer to your located package’s link to transmit your courier. You can conclude from this that The China Post will transfer your packet to your delivery agency to send. As soon as the process reaches this point, the parcel for sure will arrive in just a few more days. The lengthiest of all operations is when your package is stuck at the custom. Do not get frightened at this point because most of the provinces’ custom-duties are slower and stagnant because

  • they receive humongous quantities of packages,
  • ¬†scarcity of timely working faculty,
  • absence of flights, a sudden delay in the schedule of flights,
  • More rigid peripheral inspections because of Covid-19.

These hold ups won’t last for long; also, we are performing our best to ship all the packages to prevent any additional uncertainties.


When purchasing something from us, you comprehend that you are accountable and might have to pay customs duties or any taxes on the commodity before it’s shipped to your location. This is your credibility to concede and believe this statement before buying anything from us. These taxes and customs aren’t in our hands. All we can do is keep our products’ prices lesser and might offer free home delivery to increase their affordability. Please keep in mind that the prices might fluctuate for sure, except for you, once the order is placed because of all the online schemes and taxes & duties. They all can sum up a little more than the prices displayed before placing the order for obvious reasons.

Non-received Packages:

Suppose, for some reason; you are unable to receive your package after the delivery, it’ll be returned to the Lavish Essentials. You’ll have to pay $50 to request a re-delivery from our sites. When this happens, you can self-consider the delivery time to be about 30 days. (Inclusive of the re-delivery time).

Suppose 30 days seem like a lot for you. In that case, we’ll only offer a minimal money-back for all manufacturing after deducting the preliminary delivery prices.

Since all of our products are tailored and hold no reselling value with them, the minimal refund will be about 50% of the full costing value.