Return policy or Cancellation

Once you make an order with us on custom made mats, you cannot cancel because when you make a purchase, it shows that you agree to make an order with Lavish Essentials. Please note that we do not provide a refund policy on custom made mats. All mats that we sell are custom made. You need to specify what suits your vehicle on your order form based on terms line of customer contract regulations.

Installation Issues

Suppose you experience problems when installing mats on your vehicle. In that case, it should not worry you because that does not justify that it will not fit. Send us an email with your product order number as the subject. Then describe your issues and attach photos or videos of your installed mats so that our experts will look into it to know what the problem is.

Note that when we ship your order, we send you an email with links to our YouTube videos that explain how to install mats on your vehicle. If you do not get our email with video links or YouTube channel @lavishessentials, send us an email through to resend the video links.

When you experience problems, you have to be patient. Our experts’ team checks whether you have installed mats correctly and correctly entered your card info based on your vehicle’s details.

Design or color dislikes

Suppose you do not like your delivered mat’s style or color, not that we do not accept returns however, the set is custom-designed explicitly for your vehicle. Therefore, make sure you choose the correct color for your car before making an order with Lavish Essentials to reduce issues that may arise. Ensure you send your inquiries through our email address before your order so that you are sure of what you are offering.

There must be a written agreement between the customer and Lavish Essentials when a partial or full refund happens after 60 days from your initial transaction. Before making a return, the customer and Lavish Essentials must agree on return claims:

Returned products must be unused, undamaged, and packed was initially done by Lavish Essentials.

Lavish Essentials has the right to correct the design when the need for revision arises from the customer immediately after delivering it.

Customers will incur 45% of the original total amount of custom-made mats ordered to cover their order’s quality materials.

Please note that when you return your product, we ensure it is undamaged and unused. If we are satisfied, we will send the refund amount within two weeks.

When you are shipping your Lavish Essentials product, ensure you include the following:

A note that states the reason(s) why you returned

It includes your name, phone number, email address, your address, and order number along with a receipt.

Ensure you ship the whole package to Lavish Essentials International, Street 1968 S. Coast Hwy, and address #3266, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

Note that you use a tracked delivery service to return your product. Also, coupon codes, together with promotional codes, are not valid.