Warranty on Custom Made Mats

We offer 12 months warranty for Lavish Essentials mats from the first day you buy them. The following are terms and conditions for Lavish Essentials custom made mats warranty:

We provide a warrant for custom made carpets with material and manufacturing defects that exist at the time of buying.

Your Lavish Essentials custom made warranty only comes into force when you prove your purchase using a valid payment receipt.

When you prove your custom-made mats purchase from Lavish Essentials within the warranty period, you get a right for replacement.

If the product is not available, we guarantee replacement with the same model or color mats. We have the sole discretion to check for manufacturer’s shortcomings that may make your return our custom-made mats.

Lavish Essentials only accepts warrant claims if you bought products from our authorized dealers or online store. If you have questions regarding verification of authorized dealers, send us an email at info@lavishessentials.com.

Our warranty does not cover theft or loss, footplate life, scratches, trims, fire or water damage; face material, every day wear, deterioration, or tear. Also, we do not give warrants on damages that result from water or fire exposure. Damages of any part of the mat from abusive or abnormal use, lack of care, incorrect use of mats, negligence accidents such as cracks, dents, knocks, tears, drops, and wacky are also not covered in the warranty. Besides damages that result from unauthorized persons such as services, re-surfacing, and alterations or repairs beyond what Lavish Essentials can control do not have a warranty.

When we give you a warrant, we start by inspecting or testing your mats before replacing them. Lavish Essentials delivers your initial purchased products to you without charging you. But when a client decides to return the product, they will be forced to incur the cost for packaging and return postage. Our expert team does the inspection or testing of your product. If they find out the faults are associated with the manufacturer, we will refund your postage.

The following are steps explaining how to continue with your Lavish Essentials product warranty claim:

Please send us an email with the order number, date of your purchase, and details explaining your default product.

We will respond to your email, and based on the default you indicated, we will advise on what to do. Suppose we find out the only option available is returning your product. In that case, you will ship your ordered Lavish Essentials product and ensure you include the following:

A note explaining the problem of the product,

Your name, phone number, email address, residence address, and order number

Ship the complete package to Lavish Essentials. Our team will inspect or test and advice you based on findings according to terms and conditions written in our warrant.

Please note that you return your purchased product to the exact authorized dealer you had initially bought.

Note that you should use a tracking number to send your package.