We @lavishessentials Multinational are in search of some Legitimate Merchants. We need serious companies and dealers committed to going for it and selling our products without degrading the integrity we’ve maintained over the years. If this interests you, keep reading.

A-List of Lavish Essentials Approved Traders-

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We @lavishessentials Multinational are inclined towards making retailing profitable and straightforward. We offer our products to wholesalers at discounted prices when dealt with directly through our official website. We provide a voucher specifically for our versatile car-mats & all other merchandise located exclusively on our website as an additional discount.


We do not limit our users with a minimum order value up to the utmost of 10,000 dollars for each bulk order placed through our official website. For the wholesalers who request to place a bulk order above the value of 10,000 dollars, kindly send us an Email. Our company has to send you a unique code value with shipment and cargo rates initially since the unique bulk order code will not work.

We have all of the rates listed in US Dollars. Even though we accept payments through all types of currencies. If you accept the rates brochure, contact us on this Email ID wholesale.lavishessentials@gmail.com.

Placing an order:

For you to begin your journey as Lavish Essentials Wholesale client, you’ll have first to launch a Lavish Essentials wholesale Buyer Account. For that, you can Email us at the Email address given below- wholesale.lavishessentials@gmail.com

You’ll get the further fundamental instructions, follow them. As soon as your account gets authorized, you’ll be sent a welcoming email along with an excellent wholesale voucher for use over our website.

Payment Gateways:

Being our wholesale client, you’ll be having three payment gateways to choose from:

  1. Paying with your Visa/MasterCard on our highly reliable website utilizing your unique discount code by the checkout value.
  2. Paying via PayPal. You will review an auto-generated statement with a one-click payment option redirected directly to the official website of PayPal.
  3. Direct-Bank transfer – You can also choose to transfer the money directly into Lavish Essentials Multinational’s Bank Account.

Note- Since you’ll become our business client, you will have to trust us when we say that your banking or account data IS NOT downloaded on our website and is not accessible to our employees or any 3rd-party-company. We work on the grounds of trust and integrity, so being trustworthy is the least we’d do since our first deal.


Our corporation is authorized in British Columbia, Canada. We’re accountable for accumulating and applying adequate sales-tariff on the shipment of orders to any region within the land of Canada. It is your commitment to pay all the taxes and applicable custom-duties, if any, to your national government.

For the record, when we consider orders up to 10,000 dollars, the shipment expense is, however, inclusive of pricing to Canada, USA, Germany, and the UK only.

With all due Apologies, we do not dispatch any orders whatsoever on the weekends and ordinary vacations.

If you have any doubts or issues or would like to say Hi, you’re always welcome to get in touch with Lavish Essentials support crew.

Get In Touch:

Please contact us and share any layouts, recommendations, proposals, or examinations you might’ve. We’re always open to our support system and looking forward to learning more about what you have to say.

In case you encounter a product being unavailable at the moment, we insist you sign up for our email subscription by clicking here. That way, you’ll never miss any of the useful updates and will get all the announcements we have to notify you about us.

Lavish Essentials Showroom (Appointment Only): Street 1968 S. Coast Hwy #3266 Laguna Beach, CA 92651. Lavish Essentials info@lavishessentials.com Lavish Essentials Monday-Thursday 11-3 PST or (phone number) 24/7 Text Only Line Info@lavishessentials.com

Lavish Essentials AFFILIATE PROGRAM:


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Just share your affiliate link with your friends and family or maybe over the web, and as soon as someone buys our stuff from your link, you make money! We send these payments of commission every month within the first five initial days. The cookie your affiliate link generates stays applicable for 60 days, so if somebody buys our products through your link within 60 days, you earn some commission on it.

You gain a 10% commission on each Lavish Essentials product. So in simpler words, whenever a consumer buys our products via your specific link, you’ll earn 10% on that whole purchase.

NOTE: **We only deal in US Dollars, and you’ll need to set up a PayPal Account to accept the payments we send. **

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You’ll have to keep patience and wait for about 24-48 hours to become our authorized affiliate partner.

As soon as you’re finally authorized, our affiliate section will be accessible for you.

Feed our products’ links in the Affiliate URL Generator, and you’ll be able to get your link.

Now you can copy your freshly made affiliate-link and utilize it to send it anywhere.

Whenever somebody purchases our products via your affiliate link, you’ll be able to make 10% commissions and receive payments through PayPal!

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