Howdy! Much obliged to see your interest in Lavish Essentials products! Want to order high premium quality car mats made up of genuine leather online, right?

Well, you are in the right place. Unfortunately, now, the internet has many fake replicas that may be cheap and fraudulent. This page will act as advice and a warning for those who want to buy luxury styled leather car mats via the internet.

Always be careful of the fake items and replicas of the premium products. As time proceeds, these cheap products will cheapen and perish eventually. With over six years working in the field, we can tell you that please refrain from buying premium quality mats for a car online unless or until you are sure that the company is genuine and well established. The information written at the bottom of their website is 100% true in every sense.

Please be well prepared and research well before buying not only mats but anything via the internet. Don’t become the prey for these scammers, however cheap the deal may seem to you. Sometimes you will also come across some websites that will have perfect pricing. You will not be able to distinguish whether it is a genuine deal or a scam. These fake companies create a brand new website and claim that they are here for ages, just find out whether they are this much old or are just pretending to be.

You can visit many websites like www.iplocation.net to check the age of the website. Their social media handles can also give you an idea about how old the company is. What fraudsters are doing is that they create a replica of a simple website like ours. They use the same images, videos, and even content from original websites as their own with an almost similar domain.

Another cheap tactic they adopt is that they may tamper with the pictures or videos to remove our identity from them and add theirs, such as a watermark or logo. Customers can check the date of uploading the photos and videos on the social handles as the original ones will be uploaded earlier than the stolen ones. The websites containing stolen images or any kind of content still cannot hide our signature Lavish Essentials badge. So what they are doing is they show Lavish Essentials mats which have our logo but with their fraud watermark on the content. This is simply 100% copyright infringement.

Many times they copy and paste exact texts from our website to theirs. Then they sell the mats for one third or half of the price mentioned on our website. Forget about delivery. These mats don’t even get shipped. But suppose you are among those who get their mats delivered at their doorsteps from these scammers. In that case, you will get nothing but low quality, highly degraded and cheap car mats that will wither quickly. You will get precisely the opposite of what the company claims, nothing like those appealing pictures or videos. Which means it’s either a scam or low quality product delivered. None of them will have any benefit.

Are you planning to order online today? Wanted to change the way you order online? Nowadays, people are more likely to use various online platforms to buy things. Here are the things you should know yourself before taking your first step in ordering online. You should look yourself the following, for the company’s website you are with.

Factors to Look for in a Company’s Website

  • Its Validity and Integrity. A legal and legit company has its incorporation number. Look for the lists of various companies that are legit—if you are with a company that is not listed, considered this as a “Scam.”
  • Physical Address of the Company. You should know the address of the company for you to be able to check its feedback. 5-star reviews from Facebook and Google are so critical.
  • Contact Number. You should look for the company’s contact number on their website. This is where you can ask someone to help you know more about its products.
  • Sales Tax. The legit one always has its own rules for collecting sales tax. If you are with a company that does not collect tax, then this must be the wrong company for you to proceed with.
  • The Price. A good company will not allow running the business with an unfair policy with regards to the price. They set a reasonable price and return with right quality products; this reflects the company’s reputation.

Lavish Essentials Mats: One of the things you can buy online today. This suits market’s competition described as a very stylish and luxurious one. Award-winning product from and achieve its Design Awards Finalists.

Why Do You Need to buy Lavish Essentials Mats today?

  • This type of mat is considered as the “Original Luxury Car Mat” today.
  • You can choose Lavish Essentials mats from the various colors available.
  • Easy to clean and install in your car.
  • Great styling with high quality
  • This can help you to reduce road noise.
  • Non-slippery, waterproof, and suitable for all weather.
  • This mat is a full hand made products.
  • Authentic and fits 20000+ cars nationwide.

The product has its great review, and Lavish Essentials company has its five stars on Facebook and Google.

Material (Lavish Essentials Mats): Superfine fiber reinforced PU Italian leather.

Why Choose Our Company in Buying Mats?

  • Our company is among the first to introduce this on the market, started 2019.
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