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Why Do You Need to Invest in Good Car Mats?

Why Do You Need to Invest in Good Car Mats? (Bonus: A Buying Guide)

Even people who love their vehicles overlook the usefulness of one interior accessory, i.e., car mats. If you are a responsible car owner who likes to keep their ride in pristine condition, you should always invest in top-quality car mats.

Why good car mats are essential, and why every car owner should be mindful of them?

Let’s try to find out.

Good Car Mats Protect Your Investment 

We don’t buy a vehicle every other day, or a year or even a decade. A car owner mulls over many options and takes many advice and suggestions before proceeding to the purchase. Then some people use a chunk of their life savings to buy their dream car. In short, a car is a hefty investment that every owner will naturally like to protect throughout its lifelong use. While regular maintenance and tune-ups by a good car mechanic keep your car all set under the hood, you also need to be proactive in maintaining its interior.

Keeping the dashboard immaculate and washing and replacing the seat covers are the two most common measures taken by car owners. You should also include regular mat changing to this interior maintenance routine. When you keep replacing your vehicle’s old mats with the quality new ones, you succeed in protecting its floor from any unseen damage caused by the debris tracked in with shoes over time.

When a car is maintained in all aspects, it continues to boast a good resale value. Moreover, you also keep enjoying driving an old car when it is holistically maintained.

To sum up, spending a nominal amount of money on car mats goes a long way in keeping your precious investment safe and sound for a long.

Good Car Mats Improve the Comfort Quotient of Your Vehicle

Just like a plush thick carpet with a good design feels good to walk on, a thick top-quality car mat with the right color and pattern feels good under the feet. Whether you are on the wheel or passenger seats, you can easily tell when a vehicle has new top-quality mats or the same worn-out stock mats even without looking at them.

Since a good car interior is all about providing the utmost comfort to the driver and passenger, invest in good card mats that can replace the car floor’s rigid clanging feel with soft and shock-absorbing touch.

Good Car Mats Help You Keep Your Ride Clean 

We all know that car floors turn into black holes after a while. All the dust, dirt, road grime, crumbs, and other trash get to the car floor and disappear. All this garbage keeps piling up until you start feeling it under your feet. In many cases, all this litter also fills up the car with a foul odor that doesn’t just go away no matter how many air fresheners spray bottles you empty out inside the interior.

You can get around this issue by using thick, new car mats customized for your car for the perfect fit. Removing those car mats after a while and cleaning and washing them will prevent that trash buildup inside your car and keep it clean and smell-free.

Good Car Mats Improve the Look of the Interior

Last but not least, good card mats are an improvement over stock mats in terms of look and style. All of us want our cars to look good from inside and outside. Car mats in unique designs and colors also contribute to your car’s beautifying efforts. The best thing is you don’t have to break your bank while investing in stylish car mats for your ride.

Buying a Good Car Mat: A Buying Guide

Let’s find out how to buy good car mats before wrapping up the article.


Nylon, rubber, carpet— you will find car mats in various materials. However, we think a top-grade variant of synthetic rubber is the best material for car mats. Rubber articles with nylon fiber base offer all the characteristics you would like to see in a good car mat. They also sport reasonable price tags compared to expensive carpet mats and floor liners.

Foot Traction 

A mat where your feet keep sliding makes for an uncomfortable experience. Slippery mats can also prove to be dangerous if they are under the driver’s feet. Therefore, always examine a car mat for its pattern in terms of foot traction. Groove and ridge patterns across the mat guarantee good foot traction.

Underside Grip 

Do you know what’s more annoying than a slippery mat surface? It is when the entire mats start slipping and sliding on the car floor. A good mat will always feature an underside grip in the form of rubber nibs or any other protruding feature that will keep it fixed in place.

Ease of Cleaning 

Car mats are bound to get dirty since they act as a barrier between the car floor and all the dust, dirt, and litter. Therefore, search for car mats that are easy to clean. By easy cleaning, we mean a simple rinse and air dry are enough to get them in their brand new form.

Effectiveness Against Spills

Good car mats don’t provide a way for spilled liquid to make it to the car floor. Those mats have high ridged edges/lips that keep the fluid from spilling and splashing out of the mat.


We hope that this post convinces you to invest in good car mats and helps you find them among the multitudes of options available.

If you want to find a good variety of top-quality car mats under one roof, check out Lavish Essentials. We offer a range of single and double-layer custom mats for all sorts of car models and makes. You can also find quality trunk mats for your pickup trucks.

A car mat bought from Lavish Essentials offers full-spectrum functionality and lasts longer than any other option available on the block at the same price point.

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